Seventy 7 Studio Storyboards

At the very beginning of August I started an internship at Seventy7 Studios located in Royal Oak, Michigan. During my internship so far I have gotten to do a couple storyboarding assignments. This is the reason I wanted this internship badly. It is an amazing experience because doing the assignments really pressed me outside my comfort zone. From storyboarding work pushing me outside my comfort zone I am growing as an artist and a person, and I am thrilled. I also adventured to a shoot with the team, and also another tough but rewarding experience. Getting to see the magic of cinematics is extremely amazing both in an experience and educational standpoint. I am hoping for more great opportunities in the future, and below is some samples from my assignments.

The first assignment I got (known by “Fair”) is about this character who makes his living by being a clown. His life is not the easiest, but during a show he sees a child being dragged away by a man passing out candy. Sensing danger, he flees to the girl’s rescue and shoots the man to help the girl. The clown gets arrested for killing the man, but the clown did what he thought is best and is happy for that. This is a huge 80 shot story I boarded, so I provide a little sample from the work. In this scene he is contemplating shooting himself, but decides not to and goes to shower.

The next project is a fish skydiving into a fishman’s hands. Confused, the fisherman looks up and sees a ton of fish falling. Possibly for some commercial project.